The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast | 11 & 12 | Uganda Specials

Jovan Lugave and Philip Luswata are both excellent actors with huge hearts which is absolutely evident in the vision behind the Playwrights’ Playhouse. These episodes absolutely standalone as amazing conversations but it’s intriguing to listen to Philip’s episode immediately after Jovan’s. His influence on Jovan’s career felt very intertwined with the inspiration behind the Playwrights’ Playhouse.

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The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast | Uganda Specials

As many of you will know I am off to Uganda this week with my partner to visit her family, whilst I am there I will be recording some special, exclusive episodes with some of Uganda’s top comedians. I can’t reveal any more information just yet but I am really excited to have the opportunity to speak all things comedy with pros from a different frame of reference.

Two more episodes have been scheduled to release whilst I am in Uganda, details to follow.

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The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast | 5 | Martin Westgate

Martin Westgate is an absolute rising star in the comedy world, with his quick wit and likeable character he is quickly getting a following. We speak about him flopping on Britain’s Got Talent but how that has played in integral role in shaping his brilliant show, Simples.

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Tonight! – The Bridge Comedy Club

Get your FREE tickets for this unforgettable night of comedy; entertaining you this week are Granny Smith, Adam Williams, Aaron Shipper (1st Headline), Paul Richards, Jason Stampe, Sameer Katz and Ali Warwood (2nd Headline).

To get your free tickets for this event please visit our events page: The Bridge Comedy Club tickets from Skiddle.

Tickets by Skiddle

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The Bridge Comedy Club

Another wonderful night at The Bridge Comedy Club, thanks to the for being amazing and all the comedians for making them laugh. I also had a really interesting conversation with Kitty Harvey for the next episode of The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast which will be released by next Monday. In the mean time take a listen to the conversations I have already had with Nessie Ward, Dom Mackie and Paul Richards.

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