Luke Anthony was born and raised in Cambridge. He is a Writer, Stand-Up Comedian and Podcaster currently performing on the comedy circuit. He has been entertaining since a young age whether it be at family gatherings, on-stage, on-screen or just with his friends. Throughout his life he has been at the heart humour, usually when telling a tummy tickling stories or acting out a hilarious personal experience. In 2018, he decided to take his childhood dream of being a Stand-Up Comedian to the stage where he shares self-deprecating anecdotes that have audiences crying of laughter.

Luke also talks utter twaddle with two close friends on his podcast called OutLuke On Life,  as a part of this he writes and produces Spoof Ads. Not to mention his successful show, The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast for which he interviews comedians of all levels, backgrounds and has even ventured out to Uganda to speak to some of their big names including Agnes Akite and Philip Luswata.

Comedy CV

Luke Anthony is an anecdotal dead pan stand-up comedian with many moods and the uncontrollable desire to share self deprecating stories to onlooking, laughing, sadistic audiences up and down the country. He regularly performs 5 and 10 minute sets with 30-60 minutes booked in at various clubs and will be taking his stand-up show OutLuke On Life (which shares the same name as his podcast)  to Greater Manchester Fringe Festival this year.

Club Appearances

Mirth Control Comedy

Healing Comedy Club

Highwire Comedy Club

Liquor Loft Diaries

The Bridge Comedy Club

Glass Eye Comedy Club

Downstairs at The King’s Head

Upcoming Appearances

Hooma Comedy Club

Big Deal Comedy Club